Sunday, February 17, 2008

After the performance of "Fantasía para Orquesta de Cuerdas." Temple Univeristy Symphony, conducted by Maestro Luis Biava.

With Maestro Luis Biava

With Venezuelan composer Manena Contreras and Maestro Luis Biava

Program Notes

Fantasy for String Orchestra was my first work for orchestra. Composed in 1998, it was premiered by the Panama National Orchestra under maestro Jorge Ledezma-Bradley in 2001, and performed again in 2007. The work is in sonata form, and has two contrasting themes. The first is energic, in octaves and with constanting meter changes. It was influenced by Olivier Messiaen’s palindromic rhythms, used in Dance of fury, for the seven trumpets, the sixth movement of the Quartet for the End of Time. The second theme features a melancholic melody "alla Piazzolla," played solo by the first violin at a slower tempo. Both themes, dance and song, develop into a ludic experiment of polyrhythmic patterns.
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